ABC Industries

Agri-Tex Fabrics

Agri-Tex Fabrics offer excellent tear resistance, abrasion resistance and tensile strength. Simple to repair, easily collapsible and made in the U.S.

Duravider Fabrics

Recommended for athletic curtains, Duravider Fabrics are tear and abrasion resistant and UV stabilized. Formulated with mold and mildew inhibitors, the fabric is NAFTA compliant.

TyVek® Class-A Fabrics

Intended for the returnable packaging industry, TyVek® Class-A Fabrics offer reliable performance. The low-friction textile is easy cleaning.

Brushed Tricot Class-A Fabrics

Brushed Tricot Class-A Fabrics have multiple uses for the automotive and returnable packaging industries. Benefits include protection from hard and abrasive surfaces and conformity to virtually any product shape.  |  Booth 2259
Alpha Tubular Motors

WSER50 Universal Motor

With a torque stop function, the WSER50 Universal motor is designed for sun shades, screens, shutters and awnings. It prevents sagging for exterior drop screens with bottom bar stoppers when raised and keeps fabric taut when screens are down.

WSERD30-B Motor

For interior shading applications that require quiet, stand-alone operation, the WSERD30-B motor has a built-in Li-ion battery when an A/C power supply is not available. Can run 750 cycles on a single charge and operates at a whisper quiet 32dB.


The WSMER50LED motor is a retractable awning motor that includes a built-in LED power supply. Control lighting from one remote that allows for both motor control and LED On/Off with dimming.  |  Booth 2359
Apex Mills

Apex Mills Performance Knits featuring PurThread™ yarn

Reviewed and registered with the EPA as safe for people and environment, Apex Mills Performance Knits featuring PurThread™ yarn offer antimicrobial protection. Markets include medical, furnishings, athleticwear, consumer packaging, aviation and transportation.

Apex Mills Performance Knits featuring Spectra™ yarn

Apex Mills Performance Knits featuring Spectra™ yarn are resistant to chemicals and harsh environments, yet provide excellent drape and conformity to complex shapes. Markets include military, aviation, marine, composites, extreme industrial, geotextiles and construction.

Capacitive Touch Sensor

For a variety of applications, the Capacitive Touch Sensor has programmable features for industries seeking a textile interface for touch control. Intended for consumer electronic soft e-components, medical wearables, artificial intelligence devices, contract/consumer furniture, and wall and awning systems.  |  Booth A1239
Autometrix Inc.

PatternSmith 10

Leading-edge software PatternSmith 10 offers a new and improved pattern-editing environment, written with an all-new display engine for faster working, especially on larger and more complicated patterns. Improved user interface is specifically designed for pattern-makers, and helps ease the transition from other CAD programs.  |  Booth A937
Bally Ribbon Mills

E-WEBBINGS® e-textile product base

The E-WEBBINGS® e-textile product base is designed to serve as a customizable base for a variety of smart textile applications. The smart textiles serve as the foundation layer to which electronic intercommunicative technology is directly integrated.

Woven Composites

Lightweight and cost-effective, Woven Composites are produced through a multi-dimensional continuous weaving method. Customers will find that the new solutions reduce weight and eliminate costly, time-consuming processes.

Biomedical Tapes and Webbing

For cardiovascular, orthopedic and dental prosthetic applications, Bally offers Biomedical Tapes and Webbing. Medical items are manufactured in a certified clean room, and all efforts are made to protect intellectual property of customers.

High Performance Webbing

High Performance Webbing meets the demands of the military, safety, industrial, commercial and sports markets. Applications include tapes, parachute setups, harnesses, packs, chin straps, climbing webs and seat belts.  |  Booth A1046
Bruin Plastics Co. Inc.

Mil-PRF-20696 Type II Class 2 fabrics

Mil-PRF-20696 Type II Class 2 fabrics is a New Mil-Spec Fabric for military tarps, shelters, industrial curtains and related applications. The fabrics are flame-retardant, waterproof, rot-resistant, tear-resistant and flexible with high tensile strength.

ECY™ Mesh

For health care applications, outdoor furniture, sun shades and awnings, an Expanded Range of ECY™ Mesh is available. ECY is UV and flame resistant. Available in solid colors, stripes and patterns.  |  Booth 1413


ULTRAFEEDER2 Positive Yarn Feeder is an electronic, programmable, digitally controlled feeder that grants constant yarn tension at speeds up to 2500m/min. Its job: to maintain constant yarn tension from yarn package to yarn package. Multiple feeders can be linked and communicate through Windows-based software. Applications include narrow fabrics, knitting, winding, braiding and any market needing a formation of fabric or yarn package.  |  Booth 2263
Docril Fabrics

Docril fabrics

For solar protection, Docril is for awnings, sunshades and umbrellas. Manufactured with solution-dyed acrylic fiber, the fabric is less vulnerable to UV radiation and colors are guaranteed. The full-bodied fabric is not too heavy to hinder proper fit or functioning.

Docril N

Docril N is 100 percent solution-dyed acrylic fabric for nautical equipment. Waterproof, UV protective with mold prevention treatment, the fabric endures wet climates, splashes and heavy rainfalls. Special anti-putridity finish prevents growth of microorganisms.  |  Booth 2216
Eastman Machine Company

Hawk TL

Efficient vacuum technology of the Hawk TL offers adjustable matrix-vacuum-zones to hold even the smallest material pieces correctly in position on the working area. Clear-cutting table design is meant to cut a wide range of materials at different sizes with precision and accuracy. Benefits include: single or multifunctional tool heads; powerful, digital AC servo motors; camera system to read registration marks; and wireless remote control.  |  Booth 2136
Erez USA


Offering high tensile strength, durability and resistance to weather conditions, Ecoat™ utilizes breakthrough polymer blending to create a uniquely strong PVC coating which is applied to high-quality polyester base fabrics. For applications related to medical, industrial, marine, environmental control and flexible storage tanks.

ERcoat™ technical textiles

ERcoat™ technical textiles offer excellent resistance to extreme weather conditions, chemicals, abrasion and punctures. Recommended for flexible storage tanks, boats and environmental control.


For medical, industrial, flexible storage tanks, marine safety, boats and architecture, Rezcoat offers chemical and abrasion resistance. Other benefits include high UV stability and resistance to extreme weather conditions.


The breakthrough retroreflective technology of GlowSpot® is made for manufacturing safety equipment. It is five times more reflective than fabrics commonly used in life jackets and is required by international safety standards, providing a visible light at a range between 1-20 candelas per square meter (cd/m2).  |  Booth 1731
Eton Systems

Customized material handling solutions

Customized material handling solutions help manufacturers increase productivity and profitability and improve the workplace environment. With high labor costs and growing demand for stringent quality control and faster delivery, Eton’s flexible system uses overhead conveyors to transport materials from work station to work station, and includes built-in digital recordkeeping to help optimize production.  |  Booth A1067
Forsstrom High Frequency AB

Forsstrom PTW platen welder

Providing quality, durability and dependability, the Forsstrom PTW platen welder gives customers the ability to seal flat welds and complex shape welds on hard PVC/PET foils or PU foams. Unique software using a 12-inch touchscreen assures optimal operation, with a Welding Presets Program that allows users to make quick changes between user-defined settings.  |  Booth 1646
Gale Pacific

Commercial DualShade 350

Commercial DualShade 350 is a revolutionary, patent-pending knit pattern shade fabric that consists of two different color yarns to form a single, dual colored fabric. Recommended for tension structures and shade sails at parks, playgrounds, schools and other outdoor areas. Ten-year warranty against UV degradation.  |  Booth 2159
Groz-Beckert USA Inc.

SAN® 5.2 Needle

The SAN® 5.2 needle is used for airbags, carrying straps, car seats, upholstered furniture and sun protection systems. The double-grooved tip guides thread, and the larger eye allows for thicker sewing thread without increasing needle thickness.

Customer Portal Sewing

The Customer Portal Sewing allows customers to view existing orders, search for products and order products directly and securely. Allows access to more than 2,500 products and extensive product information.  |  Booth 2475
Herculite Products Inc.

Patio 500

A high-performance composite PVC textile, Patio 500 incorporates specially formulated flexible polymer technology and a high-tenacity polyester substrate. Heat sealable; can be decorated with signage and graphics using various methods including silk screening and hand painting. Engineered for commercial and residential awnings and canopies.

Coastline Plus

In addition to its durability, Coastline Plus is a PVC fabric that carries a manufacturer’s warranty against UV degradation or fading. Mildew, stain and dirt-resistant; patented Rain Kleen® finish provides a self-cleaning feature to reduce care and maintenance responsibility.

Herculite Natura

Herculite Natura high-performance awning fabric is engineered for outdoor commercial awnings and canopies. Features the look, feel and aesthetic of a natural woven cloth on both the face and reverse sides. Suitable for sewing, welding, digital printing and fabrication.


Weather-Chek is an architectural shade textile composite that incorporates engineered flexible polymer technology with a high-performance polyester substrate. Its special proprietary PVC film formulation resists scratching and eliminates installation-related damage.  |  Booth 1535
Heytex USA

HEYseal Encapsulated Edge fabrics

HEYseal Encapsulated Edge fabrics work for pillow tanks, oil booms, liners, spill containment and other flexible storage products. By welding an additional material stripe, the sealing of open edges is made unnecessary, reducing total manufacturing time by up to 50 percent. HEYseal materials avoid wicking completely rather than just minimizing it—nothing seeps into or out of the tank, and there is no fouling, degradation or delamination of the coating compound. For edges opened during cutting, Heytex also offers welding strips matching the formula of the fabric coating, available in transparent and color-matched versions.  |  Booth 1317
HLC Industries Inc.

Invista™ Cordura® TrueLock™ fiber solution dyed (SDN) 6,6 fiber technology

Invista™ Cordura® TrueLock™ fiber solution dyed (SDN) 6,6 fiber technology offers lot-to-lot color consistency and abrasion-resistant color. Used within the commercial and military segments for tactical body armor, bags, pouches and chest rigs.  |  Booth A1031

Interway tarpaulins and nettings

Interway provides an integrated supply of tarpaulins and nettings and PP geo membrane fabrics for covering construction and agricultural businesses.  |  Booth 2116
Iosso Products

Iosso Water Repellent

Recommended for use on fabrics in the awning, marine, RV, automotive and aircraft industries, Iosso Water Repellent is now offered in concentrated sizes to provide significant savings to companies doing larger applications. Protects all fabrics from water, soil, oil, bird droppings and environmental pollutants, to keep fabrics looking new and lasting longer.  |  Booth 1740
Kamber Narrow Fabric Machinery LLC

Hot Swap Program

With no machine interruption or disruption of productivity, the Hot Swap Program is designed for managers seeking to eliminate machine downtime while machines are being reconfigured or refurbished. Kamber will build a custom machine for specific manufacturing needs and ship it before equipment is removed from the current production line. Completely refurbished looms come with a full one-year warranty.  |  Booth 2263